I'm Ethan Coffel. I'm a fifth-year PhD student at Columbia studying atmospheric science and climate change impacts in the Earth & Environmental Sciences department and working with Dr. Radley Horton at NASA GISS.

My research is focused on the causes and impacts of extreme temperature and precipitation events, and how the frequency and magnitude of these events may change over the next century. I'm an NSF graduate research fellow and a member of the Northeast Climate Science Center, a group dedicated to studying climate change impacts in the northeast United States. I graduated from Northwestern University in 2013 with majors in computer science and integrated science.


Dec. 22, 2017 Our new paper, "Temperature and humidity based projections of a rapid rise in global heat stress exposure during the 21st century", is published in Environmental Research Letters!

Aug. 2, 2017 Our piece for the general public on climate change impacts on aviation, "How hot weather – and climate change – affect airline flights" has been published in The Conversation!

Jul. 13, 2017 Our new study "The Impacts of Rising Temperatures on Aircraft Takeoff Performance" is now published in Climatic Change!